Siltech’s Explorer 90 Interconnect & Speaker cables are featured in The Absolute Sound Buyer’s Guide 2020.

Siltech Explorer 90 Interconnect & Speaker

$550/1m pr.; speaker $1000/6.5′ pr.

Bringing Siltech quality and caché to an easily affordable price point makes Explorer an excellent upgrade cable for a mid-priced system. Its healthy midrange, good articulation, and low-level reproduction make this a wire that will give many pause before spending much more. Dynamics and bass extension are convincing as they communicate many of the more specific timbral complexities in the lower octaves. It could be a trifle sweeter in the lower treble but few wires challenge it at this tier. Along with some other frugal note-worthies Siltech’s latest is redefining cable performance at this price point. (226)

Siltech Explorer 90i Interconnect audio cable with RCA connector