High End Audio Buyer’s Guide 2019
Siltech’s SAGA and Explorer series are among the products mentioned in The Absolute Sound’s 2019 Buyer’s Guide!
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The Absolute Sound 2019 Annual Edition

Siltech V1/P1
Though the Siltech battery-charged, tube-powered V1 voltage-stage amplifier and its companion P1 Class A solid-state 380Wpc current-stage stereo amplifier must not only be used together, but ideally should also be paired with Siltech’s battery-charged, tube-powered companion preamp, the C1 control unit (another $37,500), to complete the SAGA System package, we have no Buyer’s Guide category for a three-unit preamp/power amp combo—and even if we did, the SAGA System would be the only entry, since there really is nothing else like it. Though other manufacturers have offered battery-powered pre’s and two-stage amps before, no one that JV knows of has put something like the entire SAGA System on the market. When you throw in the P1’s Apollo Light Drive (a photoelectric device that biases the output transistors in “floating” Class A, as well as completely isolating the already heavily isolated—via those battery supplies—audio signal from AC fluctuations), you get an amp that is said to be capable of 145dB dynamic range. The SAGA’s unique combination of very low noise, very high speed, and simply gorgeous (and exceedingly lifelike) tone color makes it extraordinary enough to become one of JV’s tube (er, tube-hybrid) references. (239)

Siltech C1
The companion piece to Siltech’s two-stage SAGA System amplifier—the V1 and P1—the C1 is a battery-charged, tube-powered linestage preamplifier of extraordinary sonic sophistication. Extremely fast, minutely detailed, and powerfully dynamic like the best solid-state, it also boasts one of the most realistic (and beautiful) tonal palettes JV has heard, with the gorgeous timbre, extremely lifelike texture, and natural bloom of the finest tubes. Perhaps the most successful hybrid (tube/ solid-state) preamp/amp combo in ultra-high-end history, the SAGA System has already garnered rave reviews from other audio reviewers. It is certainly a complete package that anyone shopping in this swan-like neck of the high-end woods needs to audition before considering other contenders. BTW, it comes with a very cool touch-screen remote control. All that’s missing now is a SAGA System phonostage. (239)

Saga Systems total

Siltech Explorer 90 Interconnect & Speaker
$550/1m pr.; speaker $1000/6.5′ pr.
Bringing Siltech quality and caché to an easily affordable price point makes Explorer an excellent upgrade cable for a mid-priced system. Its healthy midrange, good articulation, and low-level reproduction make this a wire that will give many pause before spending much more. Dynamics and bass extension are convincing as they communicate many of the more specific timbral complexities in the lower octaves. It could be a trifle sweeter in the lower treble but few wires challenge it at this tier. Along with some other frugal note-worthies Siltech’s latest is redefining cable performance at this price point. (226)

Siltech Explorer 90L with Spades Connector