“Royal Single Crown brings the familiar recordings to life, as if the recordings were cleaned up and made more transparent, giving the feeling of being there.”

Thank you to U-Audio for the insightful review on our Royal Single Crown XLR cables!

In his review, he compares the new Royal Crown Series to the Royal Signature Series and explains how the Royal Single Crown XLR’s improved the soundstage, transparency and detail of his system.

Some insights from the review

“In fact, when I listened to “Dave’s True Story”, I could already feel the power of the Royal Single Crown, and without A/B comparison, I felt that the new cable was very powerful. Of course, this is not an ordinary entry version, but like the Porsche 911 Carrera, it’s the doorway to the 911, and there are Turbo and GTS waiting for you to challenge. As for the Royal Double Crown and the Royal Triple Crown, that is a more ambitious dream.”

“How good is the Royal Single Crown XLR cable? I would like to say that I am happy to be able to write audio reviews, and I am even happier to have the opportunity to see the true beauty of the Royal Single Crown.”


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