Siltech Symphony. A Spacious Composure That Could Calm A Stormy Ocean.

“I know that too many times, you’ve seen reviews stating that an audio system sounds open, natural, dynamic, and without any tension. However, listening to Siltech Symphony at Sun-Moon Audio redefined my standard on the perception of those words.

The revolutionary “No Cabinet” speaker design – meaning 100% “No Box sound” – delivers refreshing openness and transparency in the sound field. But with no box, therefore no “Helmholtz resonance”, how could Symphony recreate sufficient bass? That’s the question I have asked myself while listening to the speakers. The powerful music reproduction persuaded me that Symphony has achieved a technological breakthrough never seen before.

Symphony has two choices on tweeter, which brings two tastes on music enjoyment. With the ribbon tweeter, the sound stage is wide open, whilst the diamond tweeter sounds more focused. Both of them have very refined detail but with subtle flavor differences. Consequently, users may choose whatever they like.

While listening to “La Traviata” by Anna Netrebko and Rolando Villain, you may perceive the movement of soprano and tenor on the stage. The sound image is well defined and moves smoothly in the virtual soundstage. Close your eyes and just listen; you’ll feel as you were at the Salzburg Music Festival.

As for “Mozart Concerto for two pianos, K 365” played by Murray Perahia and Radu Lupu, the wide-open soundstage sounds like Siltech’s Symphony speakers have disappeared in the listening. I can easily identify two pianos with different tones and touches. One sounds brighter, the other has a rich body, but which one is Perahia? which one is Lupu? It’s really hard to guess.

Symphony is a super-speaker system that only a few lucky people may own.

But if you had a chance to listen, it might change your definition of open, natural, and transparent music reproduction.”

Jerry Kuo, U-Audio

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