Hi, fellow music lovers!

I feel very fortunate to have the chance of making my greatest passion, music, my profession. It began in my early youth as a concert pianist, performing written music to an audience. Later I started teaching music, “infecting” young and old with a passion for music. Working for a HiFi company, I was given that opportunity again: help pass on music to the listener. In Gabi’s Music Corner, I will share my love for music, experiences with artists, my favourite music pieces and engaging stories with you.

We live in a world full of challenges, confusion and uncertainty right now. During difficult times people need comfort, joy, relaxation and hope. Music is one of the most powerful media, fulfilling all those needs. Music is international. It unifies people and transcends boundaries, languages, nationalities, colours, religion, gender, or age, making it so fascinating. Travelling the world makes you learn about different cultures, customs, traditions and the never-ending variations in the way people listen to music. A musician enjoys music uninhibited. Teenagers listen to the content message and the beat. Involved in HiFi, we listen to differences, the quality of the recording and the reproduction – important aspects in order to fully optimise your system. In the end, that’s what HiFi is for, combining all possible technical efforts for one sole purpose – the perfect audio system.

However, it’s not just about the soundstage, technology or measurements. Audio’s ultimate goal is and should be music. We want to believe that the grand piano is in our living room, the saxophone is playing right next to us in the bar. That’s HiFi audio at its best, capturing the atmosphere of a concert hall, a stadium or a club. Let’s make sure we don’t lose sight of our ultimate goal. Let’s make sure that amplifiers, electronics, speakers and cables don’t become a goal but merely instruments to achieve the goal: the ultimate synergy between music and HiFi.

Welcome to Gabi’s Music Corner; check in regularly for new blogs and playlists!