Aphrodite’s Melody as the new Siltech distribution partner for France

Elst, Netherlands, November 2020. We are glad to announce the new partnership with Aphrodite’s Melody. The company distributes high-end audio equipment in France. Now, our partner manages Siltech’s product portfolio in the French market. At the same time, Aphrodite’s Melody has dealerships in both Monaco and Luxembourg.

About Aphrodite’s Melody

Aphrodite’s Melody was founded in 2000. Today, it is one of the leading importers. The company distributes award-winning global brands in France. Aphrodite’s Melody has gained broad experience and success in the past 20 years. Just as important, their customers benefit from personalized product solutions.

About Siltech

Siltech has been at the forefront of the high-end audio industry since 1983. Moreover, the team has had an innovative approach to design, development, and production. All things considered, our company has set standards for others to follow. We create all the products in our factory in the Netherlands.