From the head office in Elst in the Netherlands, founder and CEO Edwin van der Kley Rynveld together with his son and COO Viktor de Leeuw continue to grow the family business with the same enthusiasm and dedication.

Edwin is famous in the industry for building the company to what it is today with his unmatched combination of technical and musical knowledge, and by always setting new benchmarks with his innovative products.

Viktor was instrumental in realising the extension of our factory, implementation of our new ERP system and he was also behind the introduction of the NFC tag, a revolutionary solution designed to enhance customer engagement and combat counterfeit products and grey imports. The remarkable young COO directs day-to-day operations, as well as the busy production unit and helps in shaping the future strategy of the business.

The company is growing and proud to announce an exciting team expansion of the following departments: Product, R&D, Marketing and Sales. With these new team members acquisition, Siltech will enhance the strength and experience of the in-house team while gaining new insight and an always welcome fresh perspective on things.

International Audio Holding has merged its various locations joining the entire team at one venue. The relocation of the offices from Arnhem to Elst was the final step in the expansion of the factory that made it possible to unite the company at a unique site in Elst.