In an insightful interview with HiFi Pig online magazine (UK), Gabi Rynveld opens up about her career challenges, the future of the hi-fi industry, and what she considers highlights and challenges of working with family.

Gabi Rynveld is a professional concert pianist, born in Budapest, Hungary, she has performed in famous concert halls worldwide since she was nine years old. Later in life, while raising five children, she led sales and marketing for International Audio Holding, the company behind Siltech and Crystal Cable. She also founded Crystal Cable in 2004. Gabi is happily married to IAH’s CEO Edwin Rynveld, sharing the love and passion for making and listening to music.

HiFi Pig caught up with Gabi this summer and asked her a few questions about her life in the HiFi industry, music, working with her family, and much more.

Read the full interview (pages 264-267)