Gabi Rynveld – PR, Sales & Marketing – talks about the new anti-counterfeiting system based on NFC Tags.

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“For our brands, CrystalConnect – by Crystal Cable and Siltech, product quality and authenticity are paramount.

Both brands’ products are designed and manufactured to the same regular standards. They all use the same precious and top-quality materials and go through the same measuring and listening tests.

Construction, appearance, and sound are different though, setting apart the two brands and satisfying the different needs and tastes of different customers and music lovers.

For both brands, it’s important that all our customers get the products they are paying for. Unfortunately, our reputation for producing the world’s finest audio cables also leads to counterfeit producers copying our products illegally. That’s why back in 2020 we have introduced a revolutionary solution designed to enhance customer engagement and combat counterfeit and gray import products.

The system works by attaching an NFC tag to a product that can be read by a specially developed app downloaded on any NFC-enabled device. 

Every cable from both our brands, from the least expensive to the most expensive comes with an NFC tag attached. The NFC tag protects customers by giving them an easy way to authenticate their products and extend their warranty. By using the Crystal Cable or the Siltech app, customers can simply tap the tag with their device to easily authenticate their product, check its details and register it with a unique ownership code. The apps are available for both Android or iOS devices.

We are confident that this solution will protect our valued customers by adding a solid security measure to our products. 

Moving forward, through our continually improved apps we envision building a strong community of audiophiles with exclusive access to our latest updates, news, and special incentives. 

It is our dream to bring together individuals equally driven by a passion for music, for technology, and most of all by the undeniable quality offered by each product handcrafted here in our factory in the Netherlands.”