Haute Fidélité, one of the leading hi-fi magazines in France tested Siltech’s Classic Legend 680 cables – power, interconnect RCA/ XLR, and loudspeaker. Warm thanks for presenting our series with the highly-regarded Reference Award!

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Excerpts from the original review by Laurent Morville

The Classic Legend 680 series perpetuates the Siltech know-how for the next decade by offering advanced performance and very seriously developed products. If you missed the Classic Anniversary and are now considering the investment, you can remain calm. That is because the current Classic Legend exploits the quality of the previous models to its advantage. […]

Even if these types of products are doomed to visually disappear behind the elements of the hi-fi system, at Siltech, the beauty, quality, and robustness imply the respect that the company cultivates for us, the enthusiasts: each product stands on its own.” – Laurent Morville, Haute Fidélité

Classic Legend 680P
Classic Legend 680L
Classic Legend 680i RCA
Classic Legend 680i XLR