Hi-Fi Voice Magazine has auditioned the Siltech Royal Signature series and awarded our products with the highest rating of Hi-Fi Voice Reference.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insight! We certainly enjoyed reading the review and would like to thank you once again for your kind words.

“Ultra, ultra-expensive cables are an ultra, ultra polarizing topic in the high-end world. The Siltech Royal Signature series will certainly be no exception. After all, spending money on connecting your audio set – an amount for which you can sometimes buy a nice car or even property – has nothing to do with rationality. You need to be a dedicated audiophile owning a high-end set.

Siltech’s Royal Signature cables have their unquestionable charm. It is not about one specific thing, but about a synergy of inconspicuous details and, of course, about the seamless way the music flows through these cords.

When you connect one cable, you may have doubts about its value against the extreme price. Nevertheless, the more space you fill in the system with Royal Signature cables, the more convincing the result will be. It is indeed very easy to get used to the absolute perfection, the naturalness, and the emotion with which you listen to your music with these great products.”

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