We are delighted to have received a great review of our Classic Legend cables in Hi-Fi Voice magazine – one of the most respected Czech online magazines about audio-video technology, home cinema, and smart-living.

Hi-Fi Voice Editor Daniel Brezina turned his attention to selected products in our newest high-end cable range such as Classic Legend 680L speaker cableClassic Legend 680P power cableClassic Legend 680i interconnect cableClassic Legend 380USB cable, and Classic Legend 380D digital cable.

After connecting our Classic Legend cables, Daniel experienced that “Both the individual instruments and the whole sound seemed to have a better, slightly fuller presentation of the body. Moreover, everything was somehow naturally settled, concrete, and clear, as if the technical dimension had diminished.”

Following a diligent auditioning session and in-depth review, he awarded the Classic Legend cables with “Editor’s Tip”.

Our sincere thanks to Daniel Brezina for this recommendation and excellent review, which you can read here (in Czech).


Review Highlights

The Dutch brand Siltech has been producing cables for more than 30 years and can thus clearly be considered traditional and experienced.  The company has now – in its own words – transformed those three decades of experience into a new series, which builds on the original model offer of the Classic series and applies technological and material procedures from the highest Crown series. This is reflected in the confident name of the new series – Classic Legend.

The Siltech catalog is a bit complicated in how it is composed. First of all, you have a series, i.e. a kind of “performance” floor with the use of uniform technologies and materials, after which there are various models within the series, with Classic Legend specifically with numbers 880, 680, and 380, differentiated in price, but also in terms of quality, so we already have double performance shifting.

Essentially, Siltech says about Classic Legend that the conductors and insulation layer have undergone major changes, so the cables should have “very low capacitance, excellent high-frequency characteristics and the lowest possible distortion.” […]

In general, all cables from the Dutch manufacturer Siltech are rather luxurious accessories for audio sets. The new Classic Legend series is no exception. Each of the Legend cables is nicely processed, made of quality materials, and looks valuable in all respects. These are – in a good way – the most distinctive characteristics of the given cables. Otherwise, they fulfill with all their might the theoretical ideal of sound absence with a minimum of their signature.

If you are not looking for a way to fine-tune your string, but on the contrary, you want its character and the character of your favorite recordings to stand out naturally, then Classic Legend is definitely an excellent choice. Sure enough, these are not cheap products. On the other hand, few high-end cables on the market offer such perceptible neutrality.