With thanks to Richcoln Company Limited (Siltech Official Distributor in Hong Kong, China & Macao) for sharing an insightful review on our Duchess Crown Headphone cable.

Crown-level enjoyment
“[…] After adding the Siltech Duchess Crown headphone cable, the sound quality of the headphones is significantly higher than one grade, especially the mid-high to high-pitched parts. In contrast, the earphone itself has a little sand and gravel in the mid-high frequency range. When listening to large-scale music, especially when the brass and two groups of violins play in unison, there will be some spikes and confusion. However, the Duchess Crown headphone cable has the ability to clean up the sand and gravel. In addition, he strengthened the control, combed the lines of each voice, and did not lower the treble. In addition, comparing the original cable with the Duchess Crown tape hiss playing the same old recording, there is little change in the weight of the two, that is, the Duchess Crown does not push down or polish the treble, it just adds quietness, less burr, and a stronger Control is real progress.” – HiFi Review & PersonalAudio.hk

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Source images: richcoln.com