The Classic Legend digital cables are ideal for audiophiles who are serious about the sound of their digital source. These cables’ ultra-low noise and jitter design lets today’s finest DACs do their job properly, resulting in a superior subjective performance with a more natural, musical sound.

Following high demand, we are pleased to add new cables to the award-winning Classic Legend series launched last year. Starting July 1st, 2022, Siltech brings an extended range of digital cables in different performances and price points, available for distribution worldwide:

Classic Legend 680D

Classic Legend 880D

Classic Legend 880USB

The range also comprises the 75 Ohm 380D coaxial cable with an asymmetrical construction, Dupont Teflon insulated cores, a choice of BNC or RCA connectors, and a balanced AES-EBU cable with 110 Ohm impedance and one total shield.

Additionally, Siltech offers a balanced 380USB cable with 90 Ohm impedance. The 100 Ohm Network Ethernet cable also uses two coaxial pairs of conductors.

All feature Siltech’s class-leading G9 silver-gold alloy cores with pure Dupont Teflon insulation for maximum stability at high frequencies. Furthermore, our Super Shielding is specified for effective protection from external electrical and magnetic induced noise.

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