Back in May, Hans Wetzel wrote a blog post about the freshly launched Siltech Classic Legend Series. On June 15, SoundStage! Ultra has published Hans’ comprehensive review of the Siltech Classic Legend 680L Speaker Cables. After auditioning our Classic Legend speaker cables, Hans has plenty of positive things to share with the audiophiles community. Thank you for a great review, highly appreciated!

Here are a few excerpts from Hans Wetzel’s review:

“It wasn’t long before I heard improvements in my system’s sound wrought by the Classic Legend 680Ls. […] That was the most impressive result of installing the Siltech cables in my system. Everything in my collections of local and streamed music benefited—everything sounded better with the Classic Legend 680Ls. These cables didn’t suddenly make soundstages bigger, or somehow transform the fundamental tonality of my Hegel-KEF system. Rather, they stripped away from the music a fine layer of noise and grain. Everything sounded purer as if my subconscious could now mainline all those ones and zeros that much faster.”

“While I’m not generally into cables or tweaks, Siltech’s Classic Legend 680L speaker cables captivated me. Yes, their build quality is excellent, their materials clearly first-rate, and Siltech’s corporate narrative emphasizing measurements and iterative improvements in metallurgy is compelling.”

“It’s been a long time since I’ve ended a review in this way, but here goes nothing: the Classic Legend 680L is my new reference speaker cable.”

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