International Audio Holding and Siltech are delighted to announce the appointment of Kanjitsu Denki Co., Ltd., and NOAH Corporation as official and exclusive distributors and service partners for all Siltech products in Japan, commencing October 1st, 2020.

Siltech is excited about these partnerships, and we look forward to bringing our innovative products to Japan through new and existing channels that offer ultimate customer satisfaction.

We wish Kanjitsu Denki and NOAH Corporation the very best and look forward to successful partnerships with both of them!

If you are interested in Siltech products in Japan, please contact:

Kanjitsu Denki Co., Ltd.

〒 101-0051

3-25 Kanda Jimbocho

Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Sumitomo Jimbocho Building

Tel: 03-3261-2071


NOAH Corporation

112-0013 4th Floor

Shoshinsha Holdings Building

1-1-7 Otawa, Bunkyo-Ku, Tokyo

Tel: 03-6902-0941

General email:



Official Siltech Press Release

Siltech Announces Kanjitsu Denki Co., Ltd., and NOAH Corporation as New Distribution Partners for Japan

Elst, Netherlands, September 2020: Siltech is excited to announce two new distribution partnerships in Japan. Kanjitsu Denki Co., Ltd. specializes in the distribution of audio equipment throughout Japan. Starting October 1st, our new partner will manage the distribution of Siltech’s product portfolio starting point (up until the Classic Anniversary line). NOAH Corporation is renowned for its high-end audio products and knowledge. The company will handle Siltech’s highest range of products (Royal Signature and Crown cables). 

About Kanjitsu Denki Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1951, Kanjitsu Denki Co., Ltd. is a premier importer of audio components and a company dedicated to providing the knowledge and equipment necessary for music to be enjoyed to its fullest. Their extensive experience of almost 70 years makes them the best choice for selecting the finest audio components, fused with the very best customer support.

About NOAH Corporation

“Pursuit of high-quality lifestyle” is NOAH Corporation’s corporate philosophy since its establishment in 1978. They are an importer of the world’s best and most renowned high-end audio brands and are committed to bringing the highest quality of sound to Japanese audiophiles.

About Siltech

Siltech has been at the forefront of the high-end audio industry since 1983. Our creative, innovative, and technological approach to design, development, and production has allowed us to set the standards others follow. All our products are meticulously researched, skilfully engineered, and carefully crafted in our factory in the Netherlands.