The Absolute Sound’s #318 issue features Edwin Rynveld, CEO and Chief Designer Siltech, in a Cable Roundtable interview.


How did you get into the cable business?

I bought the Siltech company in 1992.

What design factors do you think are most important in a cable?

a) Conductor quality, purity, crystalline or grid structure.

b) Insulator quality and properties.

c) Construction and precision of the manufacturing.

d) Shielding quality against magnetic fields, and shielding against various types of inductive noise.

e) Stable behavior with variations of a wide range of frequencies, voltages, currents, and power levels.

What is the biggest misconception about cables?

That the performance of cables cannot be measured; it can be very well with our advanced equipment.

How are today’s cables different from those of 20 years ago?

In the last 20 years, many purer conductors and multi-layer insulators have become available.

Are more advancements possible, or have we reached the limits of technology?

Our company relies heavily on its research with, for example, Comsol Multiphysics, giving clear insight into the through-behavior of cables. Our current research is groundbreaking and leading to higher immunity to external noise sources and magnetic fields. These disturbances have increased in strength and frequency range over the years. That is caused by computers, smartphones, switching power supplies, TV seats, and more. All pollute the environment and influence the sound of your hi-fi system.


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