Since its launch in May 2021, Siltech’s Classic Legend series has had consistently positive feedback from our customers. Just as important, it has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from audiophiles and high-end audio professionals worldwide.

The latest in a long line of Classic cables dating back thirty years, the Classic Legend has become our best-selling product line. The series includes a wide range of products standing between the more affordable cables in the Explorer series and the flagship Royal Signature and Triple Crown series.

“I was deeply impressed with the build quality of the Classic Legends. Closely examining each cable from one end to the other, I could find no imperfections, no gaps, no cut corners. Every cable is hand-built in the Netherlands, and it shows.” Soundstage! Global

“The new Siltech Classic Legend 680i also impresses with a striking, previously unknown neutrality. It makes music without harshness, but, just like the affordable Explorer SG 280i, with captivating joy.”

“Siltech can be said to be among a handful of companies who endeavor to progress cable interface technology with new materials and refined manufacturing. The result is a quality product with high tolerance aspects, model-to-model consistency, and, of course, high levels of signal integrity. With these new Siltech cables, all of that shows.” Soundstage! Australia

“While I’m not generally into cables or tweaks, Siltech’s Classic Legend 680L speaker cables captivated me. Yes, their build quality is excellent, their materials clearly first-rate, and Siltech’s corporate narrative emphasizing measurements and iterative improvements in metallurgy is compelling.” Soundstage! Ultra

“I’m thrilled Siltech has landed on our shores. The Legend 880 is the tip of the spear for Siltech’s shot at the price/performance bull’s eye. The 880 indeed references level wire despite there being a few products further up the Siltech pecking order.” Positive Feedback 

“You should at least try out the Siltech cables. These are among the best affordable interconnect cables that we know of at STEREO. Use the cable as a tool that does its work and a piece of utility, but also thanks to its playfulness and the associated high degree of fun.”